Hard to Believe but this week marks my 27th year with our company.

Honestly it seems like just yesterday I was walking out of Bramlage at Kansas State University after graduating.
I have seen a few changes since that September day in 1993!! From approving client’s commercials using a tape machine hooked to a landline phone that played tapes that looked like an 8-Track cassette. To now, where I place a client’s digital banner messages on the mobile and home devices of their specific target audiences to placing client’s radio commercials on radio stations across the midwest.
While the name/ownership of our company has changed just 4 times in that 27 years, I am still working with some of the same people who were there the day I walked in the door my first day! Including the guy who hired me right out of college! Thanks Larry!

I want to take this opportunity to

Thank Everyone!

  • My Clients…I feel a strong sense of responsibility for your success. I Thank each and every one of you for putting your trust in me. Because of you I get to live my dream of being involved with and doing marketing research for all different types of trades. I can’t think of any client I haven’t enjoyed working with. I am proud of the fact that some clients are still with me since the day I started all those years ago. Even though I’m in a different market now I still write their creative and help them with their digital marketing!
  • My Alpha Team Members…I always knew we had a great team, but I think this “Working From Home/Covid Craziness” really confirmed and maybe even strengthened that. We have spent more time on zoom calls, phone calls and even held meetings in the park so we could all be together.
  • Of Course My Family…My kids have lived their entire life having me ask them what they think of commercials I write or that we hear or see. My wife gets annoyed at the hours I spend at my laptop researching…because I geek out on consumer psychology and how people’s buying habits are affected by changes in environment, current events and marketing. But she know it’s what I love and what makes me happy and supports me every step of the way!