So Many Streaming Things To Talk To You About!

Have you ever been on a StreamYard?

I had not until last week! But I can say that it was fun and will be an amazing tool for marketing.

Cissy our Director of Marketing challenged us each to create our own StreamYard experience as a way to introduce our clients as to how powerful it can be!

I decided to create a segment that can be an ongoing series! I wanted to show a StreamYard’s ability to conduct an interview from alternate locations as well as be mobile and incorporate other people who played a significant role in the story!

Want to see a StreamYard?

Go Live and Build a Brand with Alpha Media Topeka’s StreamYard


What is StreamYard?

StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. It allows us to make interactive and engaging interviews on a variety of platforms…like Facebook live and Youtube live! StreamYard can have up to 10 people on a screen and they can login from any device with a good internet connection.


How does an Alpha Media StreamYard Interview work?

The virtual broadcast is set up by Alpha Media staff and guests are emailed a link shortly before the interview time. You don’t need an app or anything. Guests simply click on the link, enter their display name, and they’re in! From there our staff will hit record once all guests are ready and the interview begins!

We can go live immediately, or we can pre record and upload it later. If we go live, our station Facebook followers receive a notification that we’ve scheduled a live video and they can tune in LIVE! Our StreamYard interviews are uploaded to our Alpha Media stations Facebook pages as well as our Youtube channels.

Of course we share it with you to post on your social media pages or send to your customers in an email or to put on your website. It’s a great way to use video to tell your story in a longer form that people will engage with and react to!


What do we need?

1.Your logo

2.Email addresses for guests

3.Questions or talking points for conversation