While my trip to Manhattan Saturday didn’t turn out quite as planned…It was so good just to be back in a Stadium.

Looks like consumers are feeling the same way.
Sports coming back is something that helps us feel more normal. And while some didn’t feel that the time was right a few months ago, they are changing their opinion as time goes on.
This is an article I read this week about how different consumers feel about sports now as opposed to a month ago.
Ahead of Kickoff, NFL Fan Support for Moving Forward With Season Amid Pandemic Increases
The share who believe the season should be played as scheduled increased to 47% from 32% over the past month
September 8, 2020 at 4:04 pm ET
  • 35% of NFL fans say the league should postpone or cancel the season.
  • 62% of Republican NFL fans are in favor of playing as scheduled, compared to 39% of Democratic fans.
  • 2 in 3 adults who regularly go to NFL games say they’d be comfortable attending with a 25% capacity limit.
With the 2020 NFL season just days away, fans are shedding past misgivings and warming up to the idea of football being played amid the coronavirus pandemic.
In a Morning Consult survey conducted Sept. 3-7, 47 percent of NFL fans said they believe the league should play its 2020 season as scheduled. That figure increased significantly from a July 31-Aug. 2 poll in which only 32 percent of fans said the league should begin its upcoming season on Sept. 10. The share of fans calling for the season to be postponed or canceled decreased from 51 percent in the earlier poll to 35 percent in the new survey.
Among all U.S. adults, there is slightly more support for canceling or postponing the season (39 percent) than playing as scheduled (35 percent), but the gap has narrowed from 29 percentage points in the July 31-Aug. 2 poll to just 4 points in the more recent survey. NFL fans who identify as Republicans overwhelmingly support the league kicking off its season this week (62 percent), while Democratic NFL fans (39 percent) are split almost evenly.
Six teams — the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns — plan to begin their home schedules with fans in attendance, and several other teams will revisit the possibility of hosting spectators throughout the season. The number of fans allowed varies by team, with announced limits so far ranging from 3.7 percent of capacity in Indianapolis to approximately 25 percent in Jacksonville.
Two-thirds of adults who attend at least one NFL game during a typical season said in this month’s survey that they would be comfortable heading to their local stadium under current circumstances if capacity is limited to 25 percent. If the capacity were increased to 50 percent, however, fewer than half of regular attendees would be comfortable attending. Comfort is even scarcer in scenarios where the capacity limit is raised to 75 percent or 100 percent.
The margin of error among the 1,322 NFL fans in the Sept. 3-7 poll is 3 percentage points, while the group of 458 regular attendees of NFL games carries a 5-point margin of error.

Ok…Yes I am a huge football fan. My weekend wasn’t the greatest when it comes to football. My Wildcats lost, my Cowboys lost, both my fantasy teams lost.

BUT…I was so darn excited that football was back that I drove my family crazy. Starting Thursday with the Chiefs…we made a tailgate style dinner and listened to my most awesome Sports Sync radio broadcast and timed it up perfect to the tv broadcast.
Friday we listened to our 580 WIBW Radio Sports Team do play by play of the Seaman High win over Hayden High.
Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn getting the Purple Jeep ready to trek to Manhattan for the K-State home opener. Listening to pregame all the way there and post game all the way home.
Sunday we had a softball tryout for my daughter’s team I help coach, followed by a list of errands and projects we had planned…all while listening to our NFL coverage on 580 WIBW.
My point in all this??
I am a huge football fan and I consumed much more football over that four days via radio than anything else. Not so much by choice…but more out of necessity. We all live busy lives and have to get our sports while we are on the move.
AND…with 25% or fewer fans allowed to attend games at any level, more and more consumers have to get it via radio.


We also listened to all of the last six Royals games…which they have won! Six game winning streak. I had several friends and clients texting me about that!

Want to be featured in front of all these fans I’m talking about?

Call me!